The Other Art Club has just moved to Bawdsey in Suffolk!

The Big Move

Hi everyone. So after 3 years in Brockley, South East London, The Other Art Club has now moved to Bawdsey, near Woodbridge in Suffolk! The reason for this of course is that I, Perienne have just moved to Suffolk! After 10 years in London, I was desperate to live near nature again and so have moved myself and my art studio to to Suffolk. I will still be running workshops at the Royal Drawing School in London, but will be mainly based up here. I am finding that my artwork is changing to reflect this change in where I live. I have been very inspired by the flat marshy landscapes here. I am creating large drawings which look at landscape, cartography, plants and the mythology of these landscapes. 

A Thank You to all my Brockley Students

I want to take this opportunity to thank all the wonderful students who have attended my classes in Brockley over the years. You made the classes special. Thank you for coming, some of you every week and committing to learning to draw. It is such a difficult thing to draw the human form and I'm so proud of you for persevering. You ALL improved week by week and it was amazing to compare your drawings over time. So thank you! Even though there has now not been a session for a while as I got so busy with both my PGCE and then my own art exhibitions, I shall miss you all! If you ever want to do a course in Suffolk, you would be very welcome!

The New 5 Week Art Courses Starting in September

From September 2016, I will be running 5 week courses here in Bawdsey. I will be teaching Beginners Still Life Drawing, Drawing the Clothed Model, Beginners Bookbinding, Creating a Narrative Artist Book and also a course called 'Work on Your Own Creative Project.' I am particularly interested in working with those who have no prior experience and feel nervous about trying out a new skill. My interest is in drawing out each student's unique talent and way of drawing or working. I find that with a little encouragement and some direction from me, this can happen extraordinarily quickly for most people. I am however, delighted to work with people at all levels and abilities and find that it can be helpful for all concerned when there is mixed level of abilities in a class. I look forward to welcoming my new students in September!

Our First Pop Up Life Drawing Session Feb 2015!

It was great to be back, drawing at the Talbot pub again. We had a great range of ages and abilities, from those who are currently studying GCSE and A-Level art, to those who had never drawn before and those who are coming back to drawing after a long break. We had a wonderful model, Calu, who gave us some fantastic static dance poses and a long pose, using masks as props. We looked at the work of artist James Ensor as inspiration for the longer poses. Ensor, an 18th century Belgian painter, found that using masks as props in his work allowed him complete artistic freedom in his work. He would dress up skulls in his studio and adorn them with masks before painting these and creating his own unique and quirky narrative.


Our final weekly Life Drawing Class...

Sadly the weekly life drawing sessions will no longer be running. However you will now be able to book to join the Pop-Up life drawing sessions instead. If you haven't already, please make sure you sign up to our newsletter so that you get all of the information about the Pop-Ups and don't miss out! Have a look at all the lovely drawings produced in our session, which was inspired by the work of the artist James Ensor. Our model Peter posed with a mask on for the second half of the session, for our one hour pose.