9th October Class - Our theme: The Indian epic the Ramayana

In this class, we took inspiration from the Indian epic story, the Ramayana. Although it has it's origins in India and Hinduism the story exists in many other forms, including shadow plays in Indonesia, temple carvings in Cambodia as well as dances, plays and ritual enactments throughout India. We looked at artwork from the illustrated Ramayana, (made between 1649 and 1653) one of the greatest of the 17th century Indian manuscripts, as inspiration for our poses throughout the class. We began with quicker, descriptive poses -storytelling through movement- and ended the class with a longer pose, and a background set, inspired by the colours and shapes seen in the Ramayana illustrations. 

Should you wish to see any of these spectacular images in the flesh, four of the seven 17th century manuscripts produced in Udaipur, are held in the British Library.