23rd Oct Class 2013. Inspired by Shakepeare's The Tempest.

Today we drew from a set inspired by Shakespeare's final play the Tempest. We drew a cast of characters from the play. After beginning by drawing quick, active poses, we drew the character of Caliban, who is presented as wild and untamed, followed by the character or Ariel, who creates magic and mischief at the bidding of the main character Prospero. We discussed one of the interpretations of the play as an exploration of one man (Prospero's )  psyche,  with the character of Caliban representing earthy creativity and the airy Ariel, logic and reason. It has been said that the message of the play shows the gradual integration of these forces, so that he can become whole. The set represented the magical island where the play takes place and students were encouraged to create their own interpretations of the material.