20th November Life Class. Inspired by the work of Frieda Kahlo.

This week we looked at the work of the artist Frieda Kahlo as inspiration for some of our poses.

Our model Rebecca, had come with a hairstyle and jewellery inspired by Kahlo's self portraits. There was an uncanny resemblance!

Kahlo is best known for her self portraits and has become a feminist icon for her unwavering representations of her own life and the pain that she endured. She survived a serious automobile incident as a young girl and took up painting, whilst recuperating alone in hospital. She had to have many operations over the course of her life and was quoted as saying:
 "I paint myself because I am so often alone and because I am the subject I know best."
Indigenous Mexican culture, Christian and Jewish themes can all be seen within her work, which is sometimes seen in the category of folk art.
We had quick warm up poses to begin with, as usual, followed by a 20 minute pose and a reminder of the measurements for drawing the head. After the break of tea and homemade biscuits, we worked from a longer pose, for the remainder of the session.