18th September Life Class

We began the class first with some 5 minute, followed by 2 and then 1 minute poses. This was building up to a drawing of continuous movement. Our Model, a dancer from the Laban centre made beautiful shapes during this dance piece. Although this was challenging, everyone got into the spirit of it, and each made an individual response the movement. We followed with a 20 minute active standing pose before a much needed break of biscuits and tea! In the second half of the class, we looked at the geometric drawings of Oscar Schlemmer, who was master of form at the Bauhaus theatre workshop in 1923. He used these drawings, of geometric forms radiating out of the figure, to make studies of for his amazing geometric costumes. We also looked at images of movement from the works of Degas, Matisse and Picasso, as inspiration and information for our long 1 hour pose for the rest of the class.