25th September Class, Character Studies and Looking at Chagall

We began with a series of character studies, beginning with each for two minutes. We drew our model Oliver frozen in time, running, jumping, pushing,  fighting and holding something heavy. Then we drew some quick caricatures of emotions, sadness, happiness and anger. These exercises are helpful for learning to sketch quickly whilst out and about, capturing scenes of life which can change at any second. Then we drew a longer active pose for twenty minutes before the break. In the second half we looked at the paintings and drawings of Marc Chagall. I spoke about the way he used the stories and Jewish folk culture from his own family background and how we all have stories and myths embedded within our own lives and how these often will enter the work that we do unconsciously. Each person will draw in a way that is unique to them, that has something of them in it, and in this way, we tell our own stories.