Looking at Gauguin

In our first class of the Autumn term, we had a class based around the work of Paul Gauguin. He is a controversial figure, but a interesting artist. The Tate will deal with this  idea in their upcoming Gauguin retrospective. We had some one minute, then five minute poses, using figures  taken from the painting 'The Day of the Gods.' Our model Santosh was fantastic, holding challenging poses each time. The image is broken up into three bands, the figures from the  top half referencing a ritual, the middle three figures possibly referencing the ideas of life birth and death, with the middle figure also possibly referencing Eve in the garden of Eden. The ideas, and stories in the pictures are a mishmash of Gauguin's imagination, story, myth and photographs that he had around him - The middle figure is taken from a photograph of a Buddhist carving from Java. I thought it would be interesting to subvert Gauguin's use of only female figures with a male life model.