Life Class, inspired by Sienese Renaissance paintings.

Last Wednesday, we worked a little differently during the first half of the life class. After the initial quick warm up poses, we looked at Sienese narrative paintings from the Renaissance period, particularly images from Sassetta and Duccio. We looked at the strange perspectives and use of colour and composition. We then created our own background scenes, and placed multiple figures into the scene, using poses from the paintings as guidance. The results were interesting and surprising. After the break we resumed working directly from observation, with a one hour pose. You can see the results from both exercises below.

21st Jan Life class. Inspired by the paintings of Wilhelm Hammershoi

Today, we worked on a variety of poses, inspired by the paintings of Wilhelm Hamershoi. There was an exhibition of his work at the Royal Academy in 2008, called 'the poetry of silence' a title which describe these exquisite paintings very well. Our model, Namushka wore a dark coloured dress for one of the poses, inspired by the painting 'Interior with young woman from behind. The pictures below, are from the 1 hour pose we did after the break, during the second half of the session.

4th December Life Class

Last week, we had the first of two sessions dedicated to dance and movement. Our model Stella, who is a dancer, graduated from the static quick one minute poses to a continuous dance pose, with repeated shapes. This was challenging but seemed to help everyone to loosen up before working on longer poses. We looked at some work by an animator, showing the moving figure, and also at some Degas drawings of Dancers as inspiration for the work.