'Creativity takes courage' Henri Matisse

Fun Five-Week Art Courses For all in Bawdsey, near Woodbridge, Suffolk!

Come and try one of our fully tutored courses!

All abilities welcome, small group setting (maximum of 12) with full tuition, all materials and refreshments provided!

FOR MORE INFO AND TO BOOK: email perienne@theotherartclub.co.uk or Call: 07751800980


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  Available Courses:

  • Still life drawing: Beginners and Improvers;

  • Landcape Drawing: Beginners and improver;

  • Create a Narrative Book: all abilities;

  • Beginners Bookbinding; Work on Your Creative Project

  • Frequently Asked Questions

Course Details and Dates 2019

Beginners Still Life Drawing - 5 week course: £125

If you have never drawn before, but always wanted to try it out, this is the course for you! This course will up build your confidence, so that by the end of the 5 weeks you are able to draw from still life set-ups on your own! All materials and refreshments provided.

Still Life: Henri Matisse

Still Life: Henri Matisse

  • Week 1. Working from still life images by other artists, to help identify different ways of approaching the subject matter.

  • Week 2. Working from a simple still life set-up in charcoal, to understand tone and light.

  • Week 3. Working with line, to create an expressive still life and understand the power of mark making

  • Week 4. Working with colour pastels to understand form and composition through colour.

  • Week 5. Working on your own still life set up with your medium of choice!



Mondays from 16th September 2019- 14th October 2019: 3-6pm 

To book, email info@theotherartclub.co.uk or call: 07751800980


Improvers Still Life Drawing - 5 week course: £125

For those who have done the Beginners Still Life Course and wish to keep on learning, or for those with some prior drawing experience.

  • Week 1. Revisiting working from charcoal and graphite pencil from the previous term, to build confidence.

  • Week 2. Making a drawing from a still life set up with pencil and coloured pencil.

  • Week 3. Creating a detailed botanical drawing from plant matter.

  • Week 4. Introduction to watercolour, creating a colour wheel, learning colour mixing and working from other artist's images.

  • Week 5. Watercolour continued: working directly from a still life set up.


COURSE DATES                    

Mondays from 28th October 2019- 25th November 2019: 3-6pm                   

To book, email info@theotherartclub.co.uk or call: 07751800980


Continuing Still Life Group - 5 week courses throughout the year: £125

For those that have done the Beginners and Improvers  Courses and wish to keep improving their drawing practice in a supportive atmosphere, these are the courses to join! They are also for those with previous drawing experience. There is now a lovely group of people who regularly attend these Continuing Still Life Courses and they have just put on an exhibition of their work at the Bawdsey Village Hall, to great admiration!

In these sessions, we deepen the drawing practices started in the introductory courses, learning more about botanical drawing, watercolour, monoprint, drawing from the imagination, drawing with a wide lens, learning from other artists and much more!




Option 1 Mondays  from 16th September 2019- 14th October 2019: 10am-1am  

Option 2. Mondays  from 28th October 2019- 25th November 2019:10am -1pm 


              To book, email info@theotherartclub.co.uk or call: 07751800980



Landscape Drawing - 5 week course: £125

 Mondays 10-1pm

All Abilities Welcome

During this course, you will be drawing out and about in the wonderful coastal landscape around Bawdsey. Each week will build form the last and this course will up build your confidence, so that by the end of the 5 weeks you are able to draw from the landscape on your own!

So many people would love to draw the world around them, the landscapes they live in or the places they go on holiday to. Everyone can draw, but sometimes you just need to be given the confidence and permission to do it! Even if you have never drawn before, you will enjoy this course as full tuition is given!

Each week we will draw from different viewpoints, including: Shingle Street, Bawdsey Beach, Bawdsey Quay, Bawdsey Church, the swamps between Bawdsey and Shingle street.

Each session will begin with some warm up drawing exercises and we will build to creating a larger, more detailed drawing in the second half of the session. 

All materials and refreshments provided. You may wish to bring a stool with you. 



The Next landscape courses will run summer of 2020. Please email to register your interest.

email info@theotherartclub.co.uk or call: 07751800980

Creating a Narrative Book - 5 week course.

Suitable for Beginners and Intermediate. All abilities welcome!

Mondays 3-6pm, £125

Over the course of these 5 weeks we will explore narrative image making, taking inspiration from a well known myth or folk story, enabling you to create your own unique hand bound illustrated  book. This course is suitable for complete beginners as well as those with experience as full tuition will be given.  All materials and refreshments provided.

  • Week 1. You will learn to fold your paper into a concertina folded book, ready for binding. Then you will practice drawing on another concertina sheet, to gain ideas for how you will draw on your book. You will be encouraged to make quick instinctive drawings at this point, using pencil, graphite and charcoal.

  • Week 2. You will be introduced to various ways of creating tone and colour in your book; collage, mono printing, watercolour, cutouts and layering up with tissue. We will also discuss the possibility of adding some text to your book.

  • Week 3. Working from different set ups you will begin to work on drawing out the story in your book. You will decide on the main colours you wish to use in your artwork.

  • Week 4. Continuation of the work from the previous week

  • Week 5. Finally, you will bind your book with a hard back cover and traditional book cloth. There will be a chance to finish off the interior of the book this week also.



TBC please call or email to register your interest for this course.

To book, email info@theotherartclub.co.uk or call: 07751800980

Beginners Bookbinding - 5 week course

Dates TBC

Learn the wonderful and ancient art of bookbinding in this fun introductory course!  Detailed handouts will be given for each process you learn. By the end of the 5 weeks you will have created 10 different book structures and will have the confidence to create them on your own, or even teach it to others!

  • Week 1. You will create both simple and intricate book structures from one sheet of paper.

  • Week 2. You will create a single section wraparound book and a simple stitched book creating a cover, from handmade Japanese paper.

  • Week 3. You will create your own stamps to make a cover for a Japanese stab bound book, which you will also make in this session.

  • Week 4. You will make an intricately folded spiral book. You will also create marbling paper which you will use as end papers for your book in the final week.

  • Week 5. You will create a hard bound concertina book, using traditional book cloth for the cover and your marbling paper from the week before, for your end papers.



To register your interest in future courses, email info@theotherartclub.co.uk or call: 07751800980

Work on Your Own Creative Project - 5 week course,   £125 dates TBC

  • Is there a creative project that has been bubbling away in the back of your mind for years?

  • Did you start a project years ago, but never find the time to finish it?

  • Do you have a creative project on the go, but find it hard to keep up the motivation to finish it on your own?

These are very common issues we all face, when working on projects that are dear to our hearts that have no fixed deadline, or apparent financial reward for completion.. We quite rightly, use our precious energy to work on the most urgent work in our lives, but the result is that our pet projects, these creative projects that bring so much happiness to us and potentially to others, often get lost in the busyness.

During this course, you will have the time to focus on your project, (whether it is a book, an artwork, a book of poems or something else completely) with others doing the same around you. If you are working on a visual art project, you will have the opportunity to use materials here in the studio, as well as your own that you can bring with you. 

You will receive individual coaching and advice about your project from Perienne each week and have the chance to mutually support and encourage others in the group. This is a very powerful way to access your own creative confidence and you may find that a long cherished project is suddenly flowing and on its way to completion!


 Dates TBC

To register your interest, email info@theotherartclub.co.uk or call: 07751800980



Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Do I need to bring materials?

A:  Most materials are provided for all courses. Additional drawing Paper is available to buy at cost price of 20p per A2 sheet. Please feel free to bring any other materials you may wish to use.

Q:  Do I need to have previous art experience to join these courses?

A:  No, these courses will cater to all abilities. Beginners are welcome and will be shown different techniques individually. Experienced artists may wish to work more independently.  

Q: Where are these courses held?

A: They take place in Bawdsey village, Nr Woodbridge in Suffolk. One you have booked your place, you will be given the full address.

Q: What is the class size?

A:  This is a small, fully tutored class, with a maximum of 7 students.

Q: Do I need to book in advance? 

A:  Yes, you need to book and pay for each course before it starts.

Q:  How much do these courses cost?

A:  All courses cost £125 and run for 5 consecutive weeks, with one 3 hour session per week.

Q:  How do I pay for a course?

A:  You may pay by cash, cheque or paypal, prior to joining the course. Once you have paid, your place on the course is held for you. Simply email info@theotherartclub.co.uk or call Perienne on 07596941582 to arrange payment and book your place.

Q:  What if I have paid for a course and then find I can't attend?

A:  If this is the case and the course hasn't started yet, there are a couple of options. You are welcome to send someone else in your place, have a 50% refund or join the next available course, if one is available. If no other course is available and you don't wish to send someone else in your place, you will be given a 50% refund.

Q:  What if I miss a class?

A:  If you miss a class, you will be given an explanation of the work you missed and given any handouts, so that you can catch up independently. If there is space on the next course you are also welcome to join in the week you missed.

Q:  Can I pay in instalments?

A:  It is possible to pay in 3 instalments, with full payment paid, 2 weeks prior to the course beginning. If you then change your mind about attending the course, you will be given a 50% refund on the total course cost.

Q: Is there an age restriction for this class? 

A: These courses are suitable for age 16 and upwards. 

Terms and Conditions

Please note that all places are allocated on a first come first served basis. So please apply early to avoid disappointment, as there are only 10 places per course!  If you miss a class, you will be given any handouts and instructions that you missed. If there is space on the next course, you are welcome to join in for the week (s) that you missed. If cancelling before the beginning of the relevant course booked, it is possible to send someone else in your place, otherwise, a 50% refund will be arranged. No refund is available once the course has started.

The information given on the website is as far as possible accurate.  Whilst every effort is made to ensure that each programme runs according to the published schedule, the The Other Art Club reserves the right to change or cancel course as a result of circumstances beyond its control.